Rethink Positive Labels

“Do you label your kids? This one is the artist and that one is the scientist. Next time, remember that you’re not helping them - even though you may be praising them … Find a growth-mindset way to compliment them.” (from Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, by Carol Dweck)


Who’s Paying for These Shoes?

  I have two middle school stepsons. They are 11 and 13 years old. And guess what? They are young men of means. That’s right - they have cash. Seemingly an endless supply of it. Oh, they don’t have much of the paper stuff (or in Canada, it’s now the plastic stuff). But their chequing …

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The Forced Apology: Keep it or Leave it?

You know what The Forced Apology is, right? Kid does something inappropriate, conversation with parent follows, kid should correct the wrong or repair the relationship. So what about it? Should parents force their children to make apologies? I’ve long thought this a tricky question, so I’ll attempt to unpack the pros and cons here. First, …

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Starting a Stepdad Summit

Being an effective stepdad starts and ends with intentionality. Yes, a lot of good stuff will happen in the course of parenting that is meaningful and yields good results. But I've found that thoughtful structures are very effective in terms of making sure those important check-ins, connections, and discussions happen regularly. As they say, communication is …

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